Q & A

What am I doing now?



Updates and some exciting new design features to the Meerkat App
Personal: Finishing up the Website for Off Piste Coffee.
I did a talk recently for @triangirlsocial about how I found the transition to a London working mum and have written a BLOG about it!
If you missed my presentation and just fancy a read check out the Medium blog post here

I aM READING / listening to

🎧 I literally just finished the audible book Work Like a Woman - by Mary Portas. Brilliant, eye opening, and recommended for every working woman, particularly the mums! I actually ran the first half of the London Marathon listening to this…

πŸ“– Just finished the paperback, Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, sad story (with a happy ending) that will leave you second thinking the next time you sit next to a stranger on the bus.

🎧 For any runners out there, I thoroughly enjoy the Design Better series by Invision

inspired by & enjoy

✈️ I’ve always felt inspired by travel, so make sure every year I have a new destination to look forward to.
I recently took a trip to Tuscany with some girlfriends and did a family trip to Greece.
In my spare time I love yoga, and cooking. Both involve a process, with an amazing outcome or feeling at the end of it.
πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ My favourite yoga session is a 30 min strength & flexibility on YouTube - by Sarah Beth Yoga
πŸ§€ And on the weekends if I feel like a treat these extra cheesy cheese scones always go down a HIT!